Same same, but different

In amongst all the turmoil, the same three fundamental challenges confront every leader in every organisation.  If they're to make any sort of progress towards their goals, they need to find ways to:

  1. Provide sufficient direction to enable their people to take action, even when the ultimate destination may still be hidden in the fog of uncertainty
  2. Create an environment and culture where their people are inspired, and able, to consistently perform at their best
  3. Maintain just the right degree of control to ensure that progress can be monitored and resources allocated effectively

Micro-management kills initiative, Corporate Values posters are worth no more than the paper they're printed on and compelling visions of the future are only useful if they help us identify the next step on the journey.

To find out more about how I can help you and your organisation to thrive on turmoil, create confidence in chaos and manage in mayhem, read on...








Without a cohesive and clear strategy in a competitive environment, success of any kind is going to be by luck rather than design.

Good strategy doesn't come from a 'fill in the blanks' or 'follow the bouncing ball' approach nor does it follow a formula or simply rehash tired platitudes and buzzwords.  A good strategy gives us the edge by focusing our energy, resources and attention firmly on the activities that deliver progress towards a worthwhile goal.  The result of bad strategy is at best waste - wasted time, opportunities and money - and at worst, total defeat.

I help organisations transform the way they approach business strategy by identifying their critical strength and finding a way to leverage it against opportunity.


Retreat To Advance

When your senior leadership team makes time to come together as a group and focus on crafting good strategy - as opposed to playing buzzword bingo - then something awesome can happen; the fog of undertainty starts to lift and confidence rises. 

It's not a question of setting some stretch goals, then going away for a high-ropes course and then returning to set higher, more audacious, even more stretchy goals - that's not strategy, that's simply some physical exercise followed by a creative writing class...

Strategy is about generating a cohesive approach to a challenge in an environment of limited resources - and that means getting real about the challenge.   This reality check can be confronting, but it brings the problem out into the open where we can see it and understand it - and then work out an approach to address it.



To lead successfully in an environment of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity requires more than just tools and techniques - you can learn those from a book (or the Internet). Chose from a number of programs which can be tailored to your specific requirements.


Mission Ready Leadership

Designed with senior leadership teams in mind, this 12-month program prepares leaders for the reality of leading in today's VUCA environment.

Emerging Leaders Program

A key role of any leader is the development of future leaders.  This 3 or 6 month program arms your emerging leaders as they make the critical transition from team member to team supervisor.


For senior executives looking for a way to cut through the fog and explore their potential, I offer a limited number of coaching opportunities.


These half or one-day interactive sessions allow us to focus on specific skills and toolsets that will equip your people for the journey into the future.


Leadership is something that we do, not something that we are.  If you'd like to inspire your people to step up and lead by example, perhaps I might be what your next conference needs.



Culture - such a little word for something that has such a huge impact on your organisation.  If the culture in your workplace is toxic then having the best product and the most insightful strategy isn't really going to help at all.  On the other hand, when you have a group of people who thrive on challenge, who give and receive honest feedback openly and who look out for one another even when the chips are down then you've got the basis of a workplace culture that people will want to be part of.

Some of the ways we can help you create that sort of workplace culture are:


Elite Performance Program

True teams are typified by something called task interdependence or, put simply, if you fail, we all fail.  This ongoing program focusses on establishing the shared values and practices associated with elite team performance.

This program is ideal for newly formed teams, teams experiencing some challenges and even teams formed by the merger of multiple organisations. 

Team Strengthening Experiences

Using fundamentally the same methods used to foster teamwork and cooperation in the worlds elite military forces, we can create an event for you and your team that will push them to their limits - whether that's physical, mental or emotional -  then help them to identify the learning to emerge out of the experience stronger and more able to face the challenges that life and work throw at them.

Suddenly, learning crucial lessons about themselves and how to work together as a team becomes fun.


If you'd like your people to hear how the SAS creates a culture of can do, want to & will do and how they can apply the same lessons in their workplace then perhaps I might be the speaker you're looking for.