Creating Mission-Ready Teams


If you're looking for a way to strengthen your team, develop leadership or simply send morale soaring through the roof, you're in the right place!

The Corporate Commando Crucible is a unique way of learning vital leadership and teamwork lessons whilst having some fun - all at the same time! 

Using the same principles and techniques that are used to develop teamwork and cooperation in the worlds elite forces, your team will learn to make decisions under pressure, delegate effectively and work together as a cohesive unit in a complex and evolving scenario, and all whilst remaining in the comfort and convenience of your own office.

What is The Crucible?

The Crucible is a fully-immersive half-day team building experience which takes place in the convenience of your own office.  Our skilled team of professional role-players will create the scenario into which your team will be placed and must react.  The scenario they will face could be anything from a natural disaster to a submarine trapped hundreds of metres under water - and as your team progress through the scenario and faces each new challenge, they'll soon learn that the key to success is working together. 

They'll soon learn that leadership sometimes means stepping back and listening before stepping up and directing. Others will learn that leadership isn't reserved for the person in charge of the team and that conflict can be a positive force if harnessed, directed and controlled.

Issues affecting teamwork can be identified and addressed in a way that make the lessons relevant to real-world  workplace performance.  Suddenly, learning crucial lessons about themselves and how to work together as a team becomes fun.

How does it work?

Step 1 - Pre-Mission Training

The team receives a short but comprehensive training session designed to give them the tools and knowledge they will need to succeed, whatever lies ahead.

Step 2 - Situation Briefing

We explain the situation that they're about to face and give them all the information they need to understand the virtual world they're about to enter and participate in.

Step 3 - Mission Execution

It's show time! Our trained team of role-players will provide them with a relentless stream of updates and challenges they must assess, prioritise and deal with.  It's against the clock and they will need to think under pressure to support the leader who will have to make crucial decisions, sometimes with only minimal information.  They'll have to work as a team to create and execute plans as well as react to the ever-changing environment.

Step 4 - Debrief

This is where the real value is found.  Everyone will have learnt something different from the experience and this structured debrief draws those lessons out in a way that respects everyone's unique capabilities and strengths.  It's designed to build up rather than tear down and leaves your team feeling pumped!

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