The Commando Welfare Trust

The Commando Welfare Trust has been created to support both initial emergency funding and then long term financial requirements of eligible families in times of hardship where existing funding or grants or entitlements no longer provide support.    READ MORE >

Ask a question. Reflect the answer. Pose an alternative view, the "but what if it's this". See the reaction. Lead into the explanation. End on a final revelation.

Not every TEDxTalk follows this frame work, but every TEDxTalk is structured, rehearsed, refined and rescripted until it is just right. 18 Minutes is not a long time to say your thing and not every thing is worth saying.

A TEDxTalk is a story, it can be a personal memoir, scientific discovery, factual reporting, or simply a delivery of some fantastic information.

Adam is the speaker coordinator for TEDxSpring Street.  If you have an idea worth sharing, click HERE