Preparing Students Today

For The Challenges Of Tomorrow

 If you’re looking for innovative and engaging ways in which to help your students explore and develop their Personal and Social Capability then you’ve come to the right place.  Adam uses powerful stories, thought-provoking activities and open discussion to help tackle some of the biggest issues facing our young people today – bullying, stress and crimes of violence.

The underlying theme of your event will be tailored specifically to your needs.  Chose from: 


Learn how the limiting beliefs that hold us back are formed and discover how to to replace them with more empowering ones


Overcome the obstacles we encounter in life by taking responsibility for our emotions and actions

Social management

Learn that there is a time to work together as a team and a time to step up and set the standard for others to follow

Social awareness

Learn to appreciate everyone for his or her unique abilities, talents and contribution to the team

If time is limited, choose a short 45-minute talk where Adam uses the power of stories to draw his listeners into the world of the warrior where they are forever transformed as they discover just how much there is to learn when we take just one step outside of our comfort zone.  Your students will walk away with real tools they can use immediately in their everyday lives to embed the lessons learnt.

If, on the other hand, you have more time available then ask about Adam’s tailored half-day or full-day workshops.