For those who dare to march

to the beat of their own drum


I work with motivated individuals who recognise that within them lies a massive reserve of untapped potential. 

You may be a business owner wanting to create massive growth in your business, a high-potential candidate on a management fast-track or a manager seeking more effective ways of performing your existing role or perhaps preparing for a new one.

There are many types of coach - Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Leadership Coaches, Executive Coaches to name but a few…  The Corporate Commando approach is a blend of all of them:

Step 1. We identify the desired end result in terms of business & life goals and the relationships that will support you

Step 2. Then we develop a plan with clear milestones that will keep you on track and motivated towards your goals

Step 3. Regular coaching sessions enable us to fine-tune the plan and remain on course for success

Step 4. Critical leadership skills are developed through mentoring sessions along the way

Step 5. Celebrate the wins - part of the fun of climbing a mountain is to appreciate the view before rushing off to the next one

The three things I can promise you:

Clarity - I will help you to see through the fog and define the specific results that you need to achieve
Focus - I will help you to concentrate on the critical actions that will make a massive impact
Accountability - I will be your ‘unreasonable friend’ who will hold you accountable for your actions

Your guarantee of results

The Corporate Commando approach isn't for everyone - after all, if success was easy then everyone would be doing it!  To make sure we're a good fit for each other, we meet for a free, no-obligation chat about your goals in life and business.  If you decide to proceed with the program then here's my guarantee to you:

  1. If, after the first session, you feel that you've made a huge mistake and don't want to proceed, I will give you a complete refund
  2. If, at any time during the program, you feel that you're not getting the results you need then you're free to walk away with no further obligation

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